Jubeo Sudoku Maker

Jubeo Sudoku Maker is a software to create or generate unlimited sudokus for printing.

Its use is really simple, first you must install the program on your PC.

Open the program and select your language by clicking on the appropriate button, Spanish or English.

Now you can see your first sudoku, click on the "+" icon to generate new sudokus and see their solutions.

The image icon is used to save the image of the sudoku you have generated.

The printer icon allows you to print your Sudoku directly or convert it to PDF with Microsoft Print to PDF.

You can see how Jubeo Sudoku Maker works in this video:

Download Jubeo Sudoku Maker

Jubeo Sudoku Maker is compatible with Windows Xp, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10

Purchase License

Jubeo Sudoku Maker is free, however the impressions incorporate a watermark that you can remove by cooperating with us, for this you can buy a license for only $2.99.